Connect HSM4 to cube pilot

I saw that zymbit products are all designed for raspberry pi and nvidia jetson. I want to know if I connect HSM4 to cube pilot i2c port it will work or not.

@Wiki The Zymbit products all run in Debian-style OS in userspace. I am not familiar with the Cube Pilot but it looks like it runs an embedded RTOS. If I’m wrong and that platform can run a debian-style OS like a PI, please reply and I can have someone get in touch to assess the opportunity.

Thnx Bob for your replay. Cube pilot can’t run debian-style OS. It’s running NuttX RTOS. If there is any way to connect zymbit to cube pilot then it will be a great help for me.

I don’t really see this as a good fit. We are really aimed more at protecting a complete Secure Compute environment and not so much a small, embedded function.