Encryption process renames network interfaces

Hi all,

I’m using a RPi3 with Raspian Stretch Lite (Linux 4.19.66-v7+ #1253 SMP armv7l) and a Zymkey 4i in developer mode.
I’ve encrypted the SD card and it seems that everything is OK (blue LED flashes once every 3 seconds + can’t boot without the Zymkey).

During this process, the name of my network interfaces changed for “predictable” names for one of the two (eth0 became enxb827eb484298 and eth1 (Eth/USB adapter) became eth0 !). This is 100% reproductable as I’ve tried it on multiple RPi+Zymkeys.

Everything works correctly, however this renaming is a problem for me as the names of these network interfaces are used in different places in the software I’m running on the RPi.

Is there a way to prevent this renaming from happening please?

Thanks in advance.

Change /boot/config.txt

Hi Mike, thank you for your answer.
In fact I finally figured out that it is the /boot/cmdline.txt file that has to be modified (just add “net.ifnames=0” at the end of the line) and reboot.
Good to know.