How to find CPP source files

I am a newbie to Zymbit and please help me find Cpp source files. So far i have only found files.

Please expecting someone to hand hold initially

Hi Varun,

Our source code is not open source, but you only need to include zkAppUtilsClass.h in your c++ file to get started. Also, you’ll need to make sure you link to the correct library with -lzkAppUtilsClassCPP.

Hi Scott,

Highly appreciate your quick response. we are using Atmel Dev Board ( which is running Linux distribution. We need to secure few keys using zymbit and hence we purchased 5 nos of zymbit as trial.
Our code on linux is on Cpp and we need cpp library to include in your project. I am unable to do so without your kind help. Also , not able to find zkAppUtilsClass.h files. Please help me with Download link
Request your help on this matter.

What Linux distribution are you running? If you have apt available, you should be able to use our installation instructions with a few minor modifications.

Thanks Scott!!!
Below are the points :slightly_smiling_face:

a. We are using Atmel Dev Board (
b. This board is running Linux yacto environment.
c. Right now, we are unable to run "apt " command on the console and says "command not found ".
d. we are using Cpp code for our application development.
e. If, the zymbit is not support yacto and for the board mentioned above. Please tell us how to custom integrate Zymbit to our Atmel board.
f. Can we integrate zymbit to any micro-controller without python running in it.

Please guide us stepwise and help us solve our issues.
Thanks again for helping and please hand hold us.

Hi, We would also be curious as we have yocto images we would like to use with zymkey

At this point we only support Raspbian Jessie and Stretch. Of course, you are more than welcome to load the debian package files from our site and unpack the contents. We also offer the possibility of a support contract if that’s of interest to you.

hi scott,

do u provide sample code to use all zymbit function in c and python ?



We provide example code in python. On your raspberry pi with the zymkey software installed, look in /usr/local/share/zymkey.