Zymkey flash pattern


I have a zymkey on Raspberry Pi 3B+ that worked fine and recently it started o have weird flashing pattern.
It flashes 2 slow blink followed by rapid blinks and then repeat this cycle.
This doesnt seem like any of the pattern described in the troubleshooting guide.

Does anyone know what this pattern mean?


I encounter this recently. The Zymbit4 blinks rapidly then followed with two slow blink. The unit is paired with Raspberry PI 3B+ in production mode with Luks Encryption (Zymbit4 Tab is not cut yet). This happens after the Zymbit and PI was working for a few days then now it cannot boot the encrypted volume.

The blink pattern listed in the FAQ does not match any that was listed. What could be the issue?

Hello again.
Can I know what is causing the sequence of LED blinks? Thank you.

@Albert - Let me help you via support… Can you send a video of the sequence to support@zymbit.com. Please include which version of OS (e.g. Bullseye 64-bit) you are using.

Also, the only way to put a Zymkey into Production Mode is to cut the tab. If you have not cut the tab yet, you are in Development Mode and free to start over.

I hook up the unit again (left without power since two weeks ago). Now there is no blinking LED at all. Initially it was working for a few days (zymbit software driver installed with encrypted boot drive) and power was removed then the fast blinking LED occurred (the strange LED pattern was the same with and with OS SD Card, moving to a new Pi 3B+ also did not help).

The tab was never cut. The OS is ubuntu 20.04. Will report in support if LED can blink again. If not then this is the second unit without any LED light.