Request for the next ProtoKit version

One thing that would be nice to have with the next Protokit version would be a pressure switch or two at the back of the case. This way, if someone pries the enclosure off the wall, it would trip the perimeter defense system.

All and all, I like the design of the Protokit series. They look professional enough to make the unit look like something “serious”, as opposed to a homebrew kit. This is important when pitching prototypes to potential customers, especially a security sensitive edge computing solution I’m working on.

@mlts22 thanks for the positive feedback and feature request. I’ll pass it along to the design team. FYI… they are still working on the ‘security mesh’… standby for some announcements later this month.

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I cannot wait to read what they come up with. There used to be a small computer called the ORWL, which used security mesh, as well as a glass/ceramic case, plus a photoresistor inside, to deter/react to physical attacts. I’m glad to see something like this being offered again, as this definitely helps with the edge computing space, and physical security.